What Is An Interfaith Minister ?

Ann and I (Dave) are One Spirit Interfaith Ministers, which gives us the freedom to perform ceremonies for people of all faiths and/or none. We got married in September 2016 by a One Spirit Interfaith Minister (Celebrant) and were amazed at the freedom which we had when it came to crafting our own special ceremony. We could choose our own readings, songs and poems whether they were spiritual, secular, witty or not. Simply put, it was a perfect fit for both of us.

Soon after our own wedding, we trained as One Spirit Interfaith Ministers over a two year period in London. I can tell you that the 5:30am flight leaving from Dublin Airport is not called the Red Eyed flight for nothing. Now that we are fully qualified and Registered Interfaith Ministers we find it a great pleasure , and indeed a great honour to meet couples and craft their own unique ceremonies with them.

In regard to your ceremony, it can be as spiritual, secular or atheist as you choose, using whatever language, music and readings you choose. By using a One Spirit Interfaith Minister you have great freedom about what you want in your ceremony, and the formation it takes. We won’t be making any reference to our parent organisation during your ceremony.

We as Ministers are totally inclusive, so no couple would ever be refused on the grounds of any diversity of gender, orientation, colour, nationality, ability, culture or any other reason- within the bounds of Irish law.

We are authorised to carry out ceremonies for couples of all faiths and none, and we are listed on the HSE Register of Solemnisers as a religious Solemnisers, as opposed to secular. If this causes confusion for couples who want a secular/atheist/humanist ceremony, please be assured that this classification has absolutely no bearing on the content of your ceremony. We would love to help you both create your very own unique wedding ceremony. Get in touch with us today and find out why we always say:

“It’s your special day, in your unique way.”