Wedding Planning For Our Irish Weather

Weather is probably the most discussed topic of conversation in Ireland. Even when you pass a stranger in the street they often refer to how cold it is, or what a beautiful day we are having. So are you planning a magical winter wonderland wedding? Or maybe a romantic outdoor summer wedding? Although in the past it was rare to plan an outdoor wedding in Ireland, it’s now becoming a lot more popular, and if we keep on getting summers like we had in 2018 then why not!

Weather is one of the few things that are out of your control, therefore you need to be ready to expect the unexpected. The key to a successful wedding is advance planning, considering every possible scenario so you are fully prepared when or if bad weather hits your special day.

Planning for snow

Snow issues can affect many parts of your wedding such as guesting not arriving on time – if at all, your flowers not arriving or having to change the type of flowers due to bad weather conditions or people not being able to access your venue. There is a whole list of reasons why snow could put a stop to your wedding. Here are Legal Marriage Ceremonies top tips so you can prepare in advance if it does snow:

  • If you are planning a wedding around the time of year when its likely to snow or in a place where snow is common, talk to your venue manager or your wedding planner at your venue about the precautions that they have  in place to accommodate these issues
  • Hire heaters, no matter how promising the weather looks, if your guests are cold they won’t be happy
  • If people cancel because snow conditions are particularly bad, be willing to amend and change your seating plan.
  • Have hand warmers on the seats for your guests, believe me they won’t complain

Planning for rain

According to the Met Office in Ireland it rains on average 106.5 days per year. This is not Evelyn Cusack’s fault, our lovely weather forecasters only deliver the bad news, so we will forgive them if the latest storm is parked overhead. So this means brides need to take into consideration that it is 29% likely that it will rain on their wedding day. If it does they may need a backup location, a different form of transportation or be ready to move indoors at the drop of a hat.

Here are Legal marriage ceremonies  top tips for wet or cold weather:

Why not buy some umbrellas just in case it does rain, you can hand them out to guests as they arrive

    • When you book a photographer make sure they have a few years under their belt and can cope with dramatic weather changes. Most professional wedding photographers should be prepared for weather changes, but just in case its always worth talking through
    • Consider hiring a marquee, this can function as both a ceremony and evening venue. Allowing you to be flexible depending on the weather.
    • Whatever the weather why not look into taking out wedding insurance. We will be covering this in our next blog.

   And Finally, if all fails and you get soaked, look at the positive side, your wedding will be unique and you will have plenty of stories to tell about it in the future. Although we can’t promise you the weather on your big day, we can help you with planning everything else! Get in contact with us today to get started.