The season of romance and love.

If you are  planning to pop the question to your loved one this Christmas you might be surprised to know that the most popular day that couples  get engaged on is in fact Christmas Eve. While you may assume that St Valentines Day is the day when the lucky man gets down on one knee, it is in fact the fourth most popular day trailing behind Christmas Day, and New Years Eve.

So regardless of what day you choose I think that it’s safe to say “Tis the season to pop the question !”


So with all of the pending engagements which are about to happen , 40% at this time of year, I thought that I would give some sage advice to prospective husbands.

There is no doubt that you will both receive lots and lots of tips about the trials and tribulation which lie ahead, advice like:

I am very happy for you both, you do know what you’re getting yourselves into, right?”

Yip you need that like a hole in the head, or how about:

Your wedding will be the happiest day of your life. Do you know why? Because the planning of your wedding will be finished!

Yes you will hear them all, But there is just one simple quote that all men should take notice of and it’s a quote which I hear from my wife lets just say on a fairly regular basis. It’s simple, it only has four words but it’s those four words that could possibly save your life.

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

That’s it, Forget all the other advice, don’t even listen to it, in fact if people offer you advice Run, because now you have all of the advice that you could possibly need.

But all joking aside, it’s a fabulous time of the year and there is nothing more beautiful than a couple so much in love that they want to commit to each other forever.

We at fully support a woman’s right to propose as it is nearly 2019 after all ! We would be honoured to have the privilege to work with you, and craft a ceremony that reflects your character as an individual and as a couple.

You can contact us through our website, or phone Ann on 0863033794 or Dave on 0871698030

Happy Christmas.