Making your ceremony personal.

So welcome to our first blog on and this time it’s getting Personal.

By that I mean that when we talk to couples about what they would like included in their ceremony, more times than not they would like the ceremony to be personal and to reflect them as a couple.

The last thing that they want is a generic ceremony that is over in 15 minutes. A massive amount of effort has been made by the couple and the ceremony should reflect exactly what they would like.

So how do we as Celebrants make a ceremony more personal.

Well firstly, the more information that couples give us the better it is for us to be able to craft a ceremony to their exact wishes.

We have come up with a number of ideas which will help couples remember their big day long after it has passed.

So for example we ask the couple to tell us three things about why they love each other, and what they love about each other.

We ask that they don’t tell each other what these three things are so that on the Wedding day each of them is hearing why their loved one really loves them possibly for the first time.

It’s surprising what couples say about each other, so here are a few examples,

Jane says, “He is incredibly caring, loving and supportive, always has her back and is a great cook.  He will get up at 6.30am when she is travelling to Cork to make sure she has sandwiches, Chris will de-ice her car in bad weather and if she is working from home in the winter he will light the fire to ensure that she is cosy and warm”

Elaine says “There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be than by your side! But I do dream it’s by your side in an exotic location with an expensive glass of champagne!”

Michelle says “Over the years, we have tried new things, challenged ourselves, been on really obscure dates and have had immense fun. I genuinely wouldn’t want to pitch tents at festivals, swim with the fishes, midnight jungle trek or travel the world with anybody else. Our trips have been amazing and made all the better knowing we plan and witness them together! I look forward to where our next adventure takes us!

So you see how personal your ceremony can be, It is so special for the couple and it’s also really special for us as Celebrants to be able to deliver such beautiful sentiments.