How to choose the perfect wedding venue

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue there are so many things to consider. Choosing somewhere that suits your style as a couple can be overwhelming to say the least! You end up looking out for the wow venues or the most unique venues because you don’t want to settle for ‘just another wedding venue’. There are lots of venues out there, hidden away in all corners of Ireland so it’s easy to get completely confused and view many that aren’t even relevant to you. You can quickly end up with lots of lovely brochures at your feet in the car not knowing which one to choose. So we here at would like to give you a few tips to help you choose your venue.

Tip 1: Think about the type of places you both love in your everyday lives.

Do you long to spend your wedding day in a building that reflects your style or would you like something different for a change? Do you both love dining out in light spaces,  do you love grey interiors, stag heads or something white and neutral? These questions might seem obvious but in the throws of planning a wedding they can be overlooked. Don’t end up wishing you were outside dancing in the trees while you’re on the third floor of a hotel with two other weddings going on in the same building. With the wonderful summers that we are having, then outdoors just might suit you best.

Image of decorations on a wedding table. Picking the right venue is an important part of any wedding

Tip 2: Do you want to Dance ?

Keep in mind the number of guests you have and out the size of the dance floor! It’s just not the same doing the jive on carpet and it just might cramp your style. Allow space for the band and all of their equipment.There are venues out there with plenty of space to allow you get your dancing shoes on but equally there are venues where you’ll find there’s only room for 20 people on the dance floor at one time! So think before you book, are you jivers or waltzers at heart.

Image of people dancing at a wedding. Having room for dancing is key to any wedding venue

Tip 3: Do you want to have your ceremony at the venue?

We at provide a full legal marriage service at your chosen venue. A lot of venues are licensed by the HSE. The obvious benefit of having a ceremony at the venue is that the bridal party can stay the night before. Their photographer and make up artists etc come to the venue on the morning of your big day and this all helps make the day more relaxing. Having your ceremony at your venue makes sure that you don’t lose some of your wedding party travelling from a registry office to your hotel. Some guests like stopping en-route for a quick pint or two, and before you know it your starting the meal with some guests still missing. A full legal ceremony at your venue is the best option by far.

Image of a wedding venue with decorations and a red carpet

So whatever venue you choose whether it’s indoor or outdoor, make sure that you pick a venue that accommodates your numbers. Discuss the number of guests that you are having with your celebrant so that he/she can arrange the chairs for the ceremony and make it more intimate for you. Finally, don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself!

We at believe that wherever you choose to host your ceremony, it’s your special day in your unique way! If you would like a very personalised ceremony then please call Ann on 086 3033794 or Dave on 087 1698030. or send us a message here.