How much will your wedding cost

Whether you want a three-day extravaganza with all the frills or a pared-back intimate event, weddings can be a costly affair. But knowing exactly what you want — and what you can do without.

Weddings can be a costly affair and sometimes you can feel “Hey it’s getting out of control” It seems sometimes when you mention the word Wedding then the costs can jump by 300% and before you know it your trying what to include and what you can trim back on. So let’s look at a few options.

The clothing: wedding dress

Average Spend:


It really is down to choice, a delicate french / Italian veil can cost you up to €1000.If budget is no option, custom-made dresses are the dream and will cost upwards of €3,000 while the big designer names like Inbal Dror and Alice Temperley can retail for up to €8,000. However they tend to  only use the best fabrics, lace and hand embroidery,

And not forgetting the dress for the second day, Yip it’s starting to add up already.

So here’s a tip.

French Connection has just joined the ranks of high street names selling stunning wedding dresses, with prices as low as €245 for a funky, flattering vintage lace jumpsuit. Also remember there is added value of a dedicated wedding boutique where a trained bridal consultant can guide you through the selection process. Best hopes of a designer bargain are with a sample, off-the-rack gown. However don’t forget to budget for alterations which can be quite pricey. The ballpark figure for alterations usually comes in around €400.

Bridesmaid dresses usually come in under €100, there are always the second hand choices where new brides sell off their dresses for a fraction of the price for which they bought them.

Let’s not forget Himself, Made-to-measure lifts the average outlay to €1,000 but a truly high-end Canali made-to-measure suit costs up to €3,000. Then bring on the accessories: tie, pocket square, cufflinks (upwards of €200) and an outfit (chinos, shirt, knitwear and shoes) for the day after at €500.

The Tip

Go ready-to-wear. The average spend for an off-the-rack suit at Irish suiting expert Louis Copeland is €600, but prices start at €499 for a Purple Label, two-piece suit available in a range of colours. Renting suits for the groom and groomsmen is also an affordable option. Marks and Spencer also have a great range of suits which won’t cost the earth.

The venue:

Average Spend:

€8,515 (based on a summer wedding, reception only for 120 people.)

Well here is where savings can be made. A lot of venues charge a considerable amount less if your wedding is on a weekday. If the finances are a little bit tight talk to your vendor and organise a BBQ instead. On a summers evening a decent BBQ and a jazz band can be a great choice. Just keep in mind if you are having an outdoor reception, make sure that you don’t need extra insurance.


In relation to your meal,when choosing cuts of meat  “I’d strongly recommend discussing the menu with the chef. Cuts of meat vary greatly in price so rather than opt for a beef fillet option, perhaps look at a beef cheek option — an overlooked cut but incredibly tasty and tender.”

The flowers

Average Spend:


Do you have your heart set on having a high-end, imported blooms like fragrant David Austin roses? Expect to add at least 50pc to the price tag. Well when it comes the sky can be the limit, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Some florists are also growers and can mix and bulk up your arrangements with home grown ferns and the like is one such florist and can be a cheaper option than some of the big players. Sharon is definitely worth an email and will do a great job for you.

Remember recycling your flowers from your ceremony to the venue always cuts down on the cost.

The Cake

How many times have you been at a wedding where the cake lies uneaten as everyone hits the dancefloor? Ditch the waste.

There’s really no need for the big three tier style wedding cake, individual cup cakes can be a lot more reasonable in price and it cuts down on the waste. If you still want the cutting of the cake photo get a false cake which can be hired at a very reasonable cost.


So that brings an end to part one of this blog part two will be about saving on Photographers and videographers.